Monday, January 16, 2012

Moving to my old URL

I just wanted to quickly note that I'm going to be posting from my old URL. I won't change URLs again until I can officially move both my blogs at the same time. I've imported all of the two posts over to  The move is official. See ya there!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fitness Plans.

Since late December 2011 I've been trying watch what I eat. Specifically the amount of salt I'm taking in, the amount of protein and fiber. I haven't really been paying too much attention to the fats, carbs or sugars which I really need to do. I might just start tracking again, its tedious but I have a better idea of what I've eaten.

Instead of me starting out with cardio, I'm going to start off with strength training so I have stronger muscles going in when I start cardio up again in about 2 weeks. I think my whole downfall of last year was that due to inactivity,  I lost most of my muscle mass. I lost my job, which wasn't extremely physical but I was constantly moving and lifting things when I was at work. Before last year I would lift weights at least 2X a week, that doesn't sounds like alot, but I can definitely tell the difference.

So my plan is to find some great exercises and lift MWF and do any cardio that I want, if I want.

I have a great set of exercises from the February 2008 issue of Oxygen Magazine Buy this issue here! that I love to use for getting back into strength training.  The series is called build your dream body. These exercises are killer and not complex. I'm going to be using the Upper Body push/pull and Lower Body from this series. I hate crunches but that's what I'll be doing until I find more alternate ab exercises.

I wish there was a really good exercise database where I can look it up really quick, instead of having to search through each of my favorite fitness blogs. Its takes time and usually I get distracted by something else right in the middle of my search.

Perform two sets of 12-15 each set.

Monday: Upper body Push 
Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell Flye
Seated dumbbell press
Seated dumbbell lateral raise
Dumbbell extension
Dumbbell kickback

Wednesday: Upper Body Pull and Core 
dumbbell pullover
barbell row
barbell curl
incline dumbbell curl

Core (my own thing)

1. Alternating Arms Supermans
2. Crunches
3. Need an oblique exercise
(They suggested 1. bicycle crunches and bench V-up)

Friday: Lower Body
Stiff legged deadlift
Unilateral calf raise

Friday, December 30, 2011

My Top Albums of 2011!

I wanted to start of this blog with my top 10 albums of 2011!
My top albums are the albums that I've been pretty much playing non-stop this year some of these albums were released earlier then 2011, but just came on my radar this year. 

In no particular order I have
1. The Pretty Reckless- Light me up (2010) 
I have been following this band ever since they started touring in 2009 with the song I F**king Love you. I used to watch Gossip Girl and when I heard that Taylor was trying the music thing I checked it out.  The first song I heard was pretty annoying but it had promise. What I remember the most about listening is that Taylor Momsen's voice at 15 was amazingly mature (it could have been due to the ciggys) and reminiscent of courtney love.
Alot of people think that Taylor Momsen (Jenny from Gossip Girl) is spoiled and is trying to hard. It DOES seem like she is trying to hard,  but she IS talented. You can't deny her singing ability. 
Give this album one listen and you will totally agree with me. This album has me remembering the awesome girl (punk/alternative) rock bands from the 90's. Veruca Salt, Hole, etc..

2. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals- self titled (2010)
I don't like country music, I don't even like Taylor Swift. But I LOVE Grace Potter, I wasn't until I stopped and really listened and asked someone, that I realized that she is definitely country or at the very least country influenced and I really really like this album. Its soulful and I can play it again and again. 

3. Marsha Ambrosius- Late Nights and early Mornings
Finally! A really good classic R&B album. Well written, Superbly sung (yes I think I just made that word up)

4. Janelle Monae- The Arch-Android
After listening to her EP Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) in 2007, I was anxiously awaiting parts II, III and IV because she mentioned that it was to be a four part series. I encourage you to check out her EP it tells a story in a far away planet. 
I doubt she is going to finish that up anytime soon, but she did release a full album. Its great, its perfect if you like soulful music is get inspiration from many different places, a friend of a friend dubbed this black music that black people don't listen to. 

5. Adele- 21
Adele! I can't even write anything about her, she is the queen of break-up music! LOL, her music is awesome and I'm glad that many more people have caught on to her. 
I was stuck on "someone like you" since her album was released until about a month ago (Yup approx 10 months!) when I decided I needed to start listening to the rest of 21 again.

6. Lady Gaga- Born this way (Special Edition)
The lead single from this album "Born this way" is my least favorite song on the whole album. This album totally reminds me of 80s pop, the music videos for "marry the night" and "edge of glory" take me there. I can use this whole album as a workout album. Most of the songs are upbeat, I wish Gaga had at least one ballad, I love her ballads speechless and Brown eyes from her previous albums. Oh well, this album is so good. I forgive her. 

7. Asa- Beautiful Imperfection 
8. Siji- Adesiji (2008)
I like finding music from people from Nigerian backgrounds, I love it even more if they sing in Yoruba and English. Both Asa and Siji do this effortlessly and there music is awesome. Asa, I would classify as Neo-soul with and afrobeat twist. I discovered Siji when he released the music video for the song "Ijo" which was filmed in Lagos, Nigeria BTW. I was watching and I recognized the yoruba, so I looked for his album.
Siji's music is very contemporary with a afrobeat twist. I love the drums, I don't think I would find many people that DON'T like drum beats.  I would recommend him to anyone that just wants some chill music, even the songs that are 100% yoruba will draw you in.

9. Drake- Take Care 
It's pretty sad that this is the only Hip-hop album on my list. I love hip-hop and its getting harder and harder to find artists and albums that I genuinely like beyond just catchy beats.
After his very hyped up first album, I wasn't expecting too much from this one. But I REALLY enjoy this album. 

Honorable Mentions
1. Ed Sheeran - + (Deluxe Version)
I just discovered this guy after I stalker spotted Rupert Grint in his most recent music video for lego house. I was on Youtube minding my own business, and I saw the side of a unknown's face and I thought that looks like Ron from Harry Potter somehow I KNEW it was him. I shrugged it off and played the video because I love a cute redhead and it WAS him, I was ecstatic.  After I got over my Ron crush, I realized that the song was pretty damn good. Looked up this ed sheeran kid and checked out his album. I've only listened to it once, but its love at first listen. I'm sure this will be on my list next year!

2. LMAFO- Sorry for Party Rocking
This album is great! They combine rap, rock, dubstep, club and fun all in one album and it sounds great! I don't listen to this album alot but I'm never disappointed when I do. This album would also be very good for workout music. 

3. Nickelback- Here & Now
I love Nickelback, they seem to have gone back to their grittier side with this one. (Which I love, BTW). I would often forget that Nickelback's popular songs are the slower, sad and forlorn songs. Its easy to forget that they have great angry uptempo rock songs (Ahem) Side of a Bullet. 
I've never listened to a full Nickelback album before so I'm not sure if they normally mix their balleds and more uptempo songs but this albums seems to be more uptempo songs.

4. Ellie Goulding- Bright Lights (2010) (Re-release of Lights)
A friend put me on to her album, I like it but it feels like most of her music on this album sounds very similar. I like her single that most people have probably heard by now "Lights", its a pretty popular song for end/beginning credits for movies, TV shows, etc..

What are your favorite albums of this year?